Adjustable, dynamic orthotics

A complete suite of podiatry products for both the clinician and the patient.


Digitally aided alignment and measurement, assessment tool.


On demand, ¾ rear foot alignment correcting orthotic.


Full length, cushioned insole fits any shoe, for absolute comfort.

Gyrafit orthotic insoles are inserts that slip into your shoes and help to realign your feet.
Slightly altering the angles at which the foot moves and interacts with the ground, making standing, walking and running far more comfortable.

Gyrafit orthotics role is to help practitioners such as

Bio-Mechanists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Podiatrists and Massage therapists.

Facilitate optimum foot function and ultimately avoid postural stress

Gyrafit’s shape allows the orthotic to act in the same way as a spring, bearing the weight of the body and absorbing the shock produced during locomotion.

Good posture is the state of muscular and skeletal balance, which protects the supporting structures of the body. Poor posture is a faulty relationship, either caused through injury or progressive deformity of the various parts of the body. Increasing strain on joints, causing less efficient balance of the body over its base of support.

The common thread of these factors lies in the goal of promoting appropriate range of motion, good alignment and good muscle balance.

The role of Gyrafit orthotics is to help facilitate optimum foot function.

In simple terms the foot is encouraged to become a more efficient lever in propulsion while avoiding excessive ranges of motion, which place postural stress on the entire body.

Dual Disc Adjustable Heel

Gyrafit’s patented adjustable heel system offers zero to eight degree medial and lateral correction, with both high and low arch support.

Flexible 3/4 Orthotic Shell

Gyrafit’s dynamic shell design allows the foot to twist and flex normally while walking and running, always ensuring the foot remains in its optimum position.

Tri-Planer Arch Support

Gyrafit’s dynamic footarch supports all the arches of the foot during bio-mechanical movement and varying weight- bearing activities.

Dynamic support at every stage of the stepping cycle

Gyrapost - Digital Assesment Tool

Based on the industry recognised FPI 6 measurement standard.

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Gyrafit solution is practice ready. Low cost stock-on-hand, measured and fitted in under 15 minutes.

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Gyrasole is Gyrapod’s customisable full length, cushioned insole. It works exclusively with the Gyrafit orthotic. Gyrasole can be easily trimmed to fit any foot shape and shoe size.

*Available separately.

Musculoskeletal problems are widespread and affect persons of all ages, occupations and lifestyles.

Gyrafit is a perfect low cost, in practice, on-demand solution for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Podiatrists.

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One simple mission:

Putting more smiles on more soles

At Gyrapod we believe in making skeletal alignment correction treatment more easily available to more people. Our experienced inhouse design and medical team are dedicated to offer orthotic solutions to both practitioners and users that are readily available, quick and above all effective. Intelligentially designed products that improve the lives and wellbeing of the user.

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Marcel Wadman

Podiatrist and Bio-Mechanical Specialist

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Alexis Wadman

Inventor and Industrial Designer